Fryderyk Nguyen made himself known to the world as the leader of the band Katedra. Today, he performs under the stage name Francis Tuan. Francis Tuan's music is like dumplings stuffed with spring roll filling - you seem to know the individual ingredients, but when you take a bite, they taste completely different. Contemporary alternative, indie pop and even typically Polish rock harmonize here with oriental instruments and dirty, distorted guitars. Seemingly distant styles are connected by the lyrics, which usually deal with current topics. Francis describes the world from the perspective of a sensitive man and refers to the problems affecting today's young adults. He often uses self-irony. He describes himself as the "Omega Male" and this is also the title of his upcoming album.

Francis is accompanied by a harmonious team of musical individualities. Paweł directs percussion rhythms, Ajda dances on the bass, and since 2021 Gabi taps the synthesizers. Together they’ve crossed the borders of many concert halls, clubs, festivals and countries, performing for example in Sweden (Live at Heart) or Germany (LiederLauschen am Rand). They have also played at the Open'er Festival, Halfway Festival, Slot Art Festival, Opole Songwriters Festival, they won the prize at the Fama Festival, and in 2020 they have performed on-line during Canadian Music Week and Liverpool Sound City. Due to the pandemic, thoughts about their shows during Summerfest in Milwaukee (USA) and Golden Melody Awards (Taiwan) had to be put aside. However, they successfully managed to play a few online gigs, one of which was broadcast on the legendary Trójka (listen) and gigs as part of such projects as ”Dachy Wrocławia” (watch), ”Garage Show” (look), and Liverpool Sound City 2020. In 2021, Francis took part in an on-line edition of Canadian Music Week, in February 2023 he shall perform in Sweden during Future Echoes, and in May in Plovdiv, Bulgaria during SPIKE Festival.

Their record output includes a warmly received EP ”Poems” released in 2017, and which made it to the charts of many radio stations with the single "I Thank You God for Most This Amazing” (written to the poem by E. E. Cummings), which was classified third in a poll for best songs of 2017 by listeners of ‘Program Alternatywny’ hosted by Agnieszka Szydłowska, and a full-length album ”Let's Pretend ”released in 2020 containing the singles ”Borders” and ”First Mover” (#1 on college Radio Afera). Borders has also been playlisted on Canadian CashBox Radio in May 2020. In 2021 the album was promoted by "Come to the Water.

In March 2023, the first Polish language album titled „Samiec omega" (The Omega Male) shall be released by legendary indie label Karrot Kommando. The first single ”Lody naturalne” (Natural Ice-Cream) came out in the summer of 2022, and it went straight to #1 on collage Radio Afera, where it stayed for two weeks, not leaving the Top 10 for 3 months. The next single was ”Będę kiedyś młody” (I'll Be Young One Day), starring the great Sara Lech in the video, which also made it to #4 on Radio Afera, as well as many other stations. The third single "Pan Zupka” (Mr. Soup) was released on January 20th and is currently storming the internet.

Besides the guitar, Francis plays such Vietnamese instruments as đàn nguyệt and đàn tỳ bà.

In 2020 the band has been nominated by an international jury to the INES Talent program.

Francis Tuan is supported by three musical individuals:

Ajda Wyglądacz


Gabrysia Cybuch


Paweł Drygas


The new album "Samiec omega" (The Omega Male) shall be released on March 10th